One man wolf pack, not funny

by diarydilemma

My social life, is my life. Or at least it was until I moved. I am now lonely and miserable. Who would’ve thought it’d be this hard to connect with people. I miss my bestfriends so much, and that asside im jealous of them! They are all living on residents in there schools and seem to be having an amazing time. Going to a trades school I am not in dorms so I dont get that 1 on 1 with people all the time. Its so hard going from having close friends every corner I turned to have nobody. At first I loved being alone, i loved the independance. But now I always feel naseous and sad. My life revolves around going to school for long hours and coming home to my boring house with a roomate I hardly speak with anymore. Thus far this big move has been anything but a joy. They say time heals everything, but im still waiting!